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Find your creative flow

I haven’t posted anything for a while, but I have a real good reason: I have spent my free time painting, drawing, creating things!

My new blog post encourages you to make (more) art, too. Read this article if you are interested in why we experience creative block and how to overcome it. I want to share a number of books and online talks that have inspired me to stop brooding and start making art.

10 ideas for your stamp

This article displays many ideas how you can use your self-made stamp: Design postcards, add speech bubbles, leave notes, design stickers, make a personal desktop image, make a candle light, share your work. There are so many things you can do with your stamps! If you are an art teacher, I can't wait to read which ideas you find inspiring for your art teaching and in what way you use them!


This article is the first post in the category “Terrific Teacher Traditions” which is about all those charming and cool art teachers' traditions out there. Motto: Art teachers rock! This post introduces the “Hochtisch”, a special setting to come together with art ed students or your favourite colleagues.

Guerilla Art: arrows, notes and additions

Making guerilla art is exciting and fun!

I love the way it makes you become a more active participant of the culture you’re living in. This is also what makes it so valuable to high school students: when they are introduced to guerilla art strategies they explore their school with different, more participating eyes. When they are asked to leave behind small guerilla art interventions in school buildings, they develop and make visible a remarkable sense for funny details and can throw their own critical or humorous light at school, which I find very refreshing!

You will be interested in this article, if you want to know more about guerilla art at school or if you want to know how you can turn into a guerilla artist yourself with the help of small children!  


Welcome to art sparks, a new blog about art education and family creativity!

The idea to start this blog came to me after chatting with my wonderful art teacher colleagues, who do such amazing jobs unleashing creativity in their art classes. Being too busy to share their fantastic ideas on the Internet themselves, I want to provide a site that features art teachers’ successes, questions and tips. We celebrate the art teacher spirit!

In addition to that, this blog is also about family creativity: As an art teacher you often hear people saying things like, “I’d love to do art, but I’m just too busy” or, “I can't draw! So I don’t”. This blog will provide simple methods and surprising ideas for everyone who wants to experience more artful moments in every day life.

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