I am an art teacher, artist and parent. I am using this blog to share inspiring methods, images or questions all around art and creativity - inside and outside school. Click around, be inspired and have an artful day!


Welcome to art sparks, a new blog about art education and family creativity!

The idea to start this blog came to me after chatting with my wonderful art teacher colleagues, who do such amazing jobs unleashing creativity in their art classes. Being too busy to share their fantastic ideas on the Internet themselves, I want to provide a site that features art teachers’ successes, questions and tips. We celebrate the art teacher spirit!

In addition to that, this blog is also about family creativity: As an art teacher you often hear people saying things like, “I’d love to do art, but I’m just too busy” or, “I can't draw! So I don’t”. This blog will provide simple methods and surprising ideas for everyone who wants to experience more artful moments in every day life.

Upcoming posts...

...for parents

Do you want more art in your life? What is keeping you? No time? Fear of failing? Children keeping you busy?

The upcoming posts "Convert your Kid's Mess into Art", "My Kid: A Guerrilla Artist’s Best Coach" or "Children-Parent Art Collaborations" show how stressful and chaotic days can turn into creative quality moments!

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...for art educators

I have loads of ideas and topics I want to share with you. These are the blog categories you'll soon find in the main navigation: 

·      Techniques

·      Terrific Teacher Traditions: These posts are dedicated to all those charming and cool art teachers' traditions out there. Motto: Art teachers rock!

·      Reviews: Art works, exhibitions, books and websites will be examined through the eyes of a high school art teacher. Goal: Providing ideas for teaching contemporary art.

·      Special arted projects: outstanding art educational projects outside or inside school

·      Theory: asking questions and discussing visions all around art education.

I am very excited about starting this blog and even more excited to be reading your comments and hearing about your own ideas!

My Kid: A Guerilla Artist’s Best Coach!

My Kid: A Guerilla Artist’s Best Coach!

How to make your own stamps

How to make your own stamps