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10 ideas for your stamp

This article displays many ideas how you can use your self-made stamp: Design postcards, add speech bubbles, leave notes, design stickers, make a personal desktop image, make a candle light, share your work. There are so many things you can do with your stamps! If you are an art teacher, I can't wait to read which ideas you find inspiring for your art teaching and in what way you use them!

Collage Fun: This will get you hooked!!

What do you do with a paper bin at home or in the art room when it is full of colourful remnants of children’s experiments: wild paintings and bright snippets. Do you really throw everything away? To be honest, I sometimes find myself fishing in the paper bin, when expressive brushstrokes or lavish colours catch my attention, because you can create such cool collages with those discarded paintings. Below I show you how you can create wonderful pictures in a fun child-parent art collaboration. This activity is mainly about letting go. You and your child will love it!