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Guerilla Art: arrows, notes and additions

Making guerilla art is exciting and fun!

I love the way it makes you become a more active participant of the culture you’re living in. This is also what makes it so valuable to high school students: when they are introduced to guerilla art strategies they explore their school with different, more participating eyes. When they are asked to leave behind small guerilla art interventions in school buildings, they develop and make visible a remarkable sense for funny details and can throw their own critical or humorous light at school, which I find very refreshing!

You will be interested in this article, if you want to know more about guerilla art at school or if you want to know how you can turn into a guerilla artist yourself with the help of small children!  

My Kid: A Guerilla Artist’s Best Coach!

Teachers, employers, media – all ask us to “BE CREATIVE!“

This blog post is the first of a series of articles that look with admiration at children and their imagination and shows how children can teach us to be more creative. It demonstrates how children can become your creative source to make Guerilla Art, an art form that intervenes in public places asking pedestrians to perceive their environment a bit differently.