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Convert your Kid's Mess into Art!

I hugely enjoy watching children when they are immersed in role-plays with every day objects. But when they are done playing, they often just leave the objects where they are and we parents are just annoyed by the mess that is left behind. Yet, sometimes, the left-behind scenes are really worth a second look. Next time before you ask your kids to tidy up, use their brilliant imagination for your own benefit and turn their mess into art!

Collage Fun: This will get you hooked!!

What do you do with a paper bin at home or in the art room when it is full of colourful remnants of children’s experiments: wild paintings and bright snippets. Do you really throw everything away? To be honest, I sometimes find myself fishing in the paper bin, when expressive brushstrokes or lavish colours catch my attention, because you can create such cool collages with those discarded paintings. Below I show you how you can create wonderful pictures in a fun child-parent art collaboration. This activity is mainly about letting go. You and your child will love it!