Template for making your own stamp

Click here to open the Tapir image in a new window. You can drag it to your desktop, print it out and use it as a template for making your own Tapir stamp! For further instructions go to the post "How to make your own stamps".


ABC poster for children

I made this animal ABC poster for my children, who love it! By clicking on one of the links below, you can download the pdf file for free. Use it in your classroom or give it away as a special birthday present! It is currently available in Dutch and German only, but English speakers understand it as well! Contact me if you are interested in the English version.

screenshot geeserain

Desktop image

Click here to open the desktop image "geese-rain" in a new window. Then, save it on your computer and use it as a desktop image.

boar candle lights

Candle light

Click here to open the two images of these candle lights in a new window. Save the file to your computer, print it on transparency paper and cut horizontally apart. Staple or glue the ends together. Place both transparancies around candle lights. Enjoy!!